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COAD SISTERS (Virginia & Lynette)

Born in Hawker SA, Virginia and Lynette Coad are multi-talented musicians and singer/songwriters.
Virginia and Lynette were the youngest of seven children, born to musical parents.
They grew up, in the isolated far mid north of SA north of Hawker. They had correspondence schooling.
With music all around them, naturally both girls took musical interest at an early age, with Virginia learning mandolin and guitar at age 6 and Lynette around the same time. They recorded their first songs on cassette at around ages 9 and 10, which consisted of some of their own compositions.
Virginia plays a variety of instruments: Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Dobro, Fiddle, Bass being ones she is most known for.
Lynette plays Drums, Bass, Guitar, and is also a dynamic blues harmonica player.
Coad Sisters are well respected for their unique harmony vocal blend.

Coad Sisters moved to NSW and started performing fulltime in music in 1989 and soon became a popular duo act in the club scene. They joined their brother Peter Coad, as Peter Coad and The Coad Sisters in 1990 and have successfully carved a fulltime career in music.

Coad Sisters have been part of and continue to be part of many bands over their career, but despite their outside band interests, Coad Sisters have continued to tour consistently each year with Peter Coad as Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters, doing their 'original' and 'country' style at venues and major festivals around Australia.

Since 1997 the sisters have operated their own recording studio, playing their own instrumentation etc. To date of writing (2021) since 1997 they have produced all the albums between their various bands and for their brother Peter Coad, along with a few other artists as well, including an album for their other brother Big Mal Coad.
Virginia & Lynette Coad would certainly be the only two sisters in Australia to have achieved such a recording feat over such a long time.

In conjunction with Peter Coad, (as Peter Coad & the Coad Sisters) Coad Sisters performance/experience includes the Birdsville Races, Sydney Opera House, Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Ag. Shows, Country Music Festivals throughout Australia, (including the Gympie Muster,) extensive TV Advertised Concert Tours throughout NSW, Vic, WA, SA, Clubs, Pubs, Rodeos, and Ag Shows, and touring isolated outback regions. TV appearances include: 'Country Today'.

In 2004 Virginia Coad married fellow South Australian musician Jim Hermel at the Quorn Railway Station, SA.

Bands Coad Sisters are currently (2021) involved with are:
Coad Sisters, Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters, Runaway Dixie, and the Jim Hermel Band.



1991: Virginia Coad was a Grand finalist in the top 10 of Tamworth Star Maker and included in the DVD release at that time. She performed all original works.

Approx. 1993: Virginia & Lynette Coad were awarded the Norm Scott Award by Anthony Dolden at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. The trophy awards included a huge card signed by many fellow artists.

2011: Coad Sisters International appearances include the USA Carter Family Theatre, the Smith Bros Theatre, and live worldwide radio interview out of Nashville.

2016: 2017, 2018, 2019: Virginia (Coad) Hermel has had 4 Golden Guitar nominations with her songs (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) that were recorded and released by their Runaway Dixie band, along with many general songwriter TSA, Bungendore, etc., awards along the way, (noted in discography listings below).

2017: Runaway Dixie represented Australia at the USA Mississippi Bi-Centennial Celebrations which included the Jimmie Rodgers Festival. Highlights included a TV media performance at the Jimmie Rodgers Museum, and a spot at the Peavey Auditorium concert, and appearing on TV networks along with numerous radio appearances, and other live performances as part of the representation.



2005: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters - NSW Gold Medallion Winners - Touring Artists Of The Year"
2011: Coad Sisters were inducted into the Tamworth Hands Of Fame.
2015: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters inducted into the SA Hall Of Fame at Barmera in June.
2015: Legends Award - Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters - Bony Mountain festival.


DISCOGRAPHY - Also includes Awards/Finalists listed below:


Genre: Traditional Country/Country

Albums: Awarded/Finalist tracks included.

1989: Blue Jayne Duo – Yours Sincerely. (Cassette) Recorded at Hollyglen Studios, Bathurst.
1993: Coad Sisters - Times in Your Life. (CD) Recorded at Kootingal Lindsay Butler Studios
1995: Coad Sisters - Pictures. (CD) Recorded in Bowral NSW. Produced by John Hamilton.
1998: Coad Sisters -Talk of the Town. (CD) Recorded and produced by Coad Sisters.
2009: Coad Sisters - >>Front Row Ticket. (CD) Recorded and produced by Coad Sisters.
2012: Coad Sisters – Endless Highway. Released February 2012 (CD) Recorded and produced by Coad Sisters. Finalists - Coad Sisters - Jimmie Rodgers Blues (from the 'Endless Highway' album) Finalist – Bungendore Group/Duo Section & Anzac's Song - Finalist Instrumental Section - Tiara Awards 2012 & Gidgee Coal Awards.)
2019: Coad Sisters - The Journey - March 2019 (CD) Recorded and produced by Coad Sisters. Awarded/Finalist tracks from 'The Journey': Sandy from Tennant Creek - (V. Hermel) - 2019 TSA Semi Finalist Bush Ballad, Showtime - (V. Hermel)- 2019 TSA Semi Finalist The Geoff Mack Commemorative Award For Comedy Novelty Songs, The Journey - (V. Hermel / S. Jackman / J. Hermel) - 2019 TSA Semi Finalist - Bev Daniel Commemorative Award For Traditional Country Song, Top 3 Finalist in the GROUP or DUO section of the 2020 Bungendore Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards - The Journey. She Still Waits - (V. Hermel) (Single. Winner Bungendore Stan Coster Memorial Awards 2017), Country In My Veins - (V. Hermel) - 2019 TSA Semi Finalist Country Blues. Without You - (V. Hermel) - 2019 TSA Semi-Finalist Country Rock. Won't Be Here Again - (V. Hermel)- 2019 TSA Semi-Finalist Country Ballad.
2021: Coad Sisters released a new radio single ‘Land Of Acacia’.


Combined albums PETER COAD & the COAD SISTERS: -
Genre: Bush Ballad/Traditional Country/Country

Albums/DVD: Awarded/Finalist tracks included.

2003: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters – ‘Home Again’ (Released August 2003.) Recorded and produced by V & L Coad. with four finalists’ tracks featuring in 2004 T.I.A.R.A, TSA and Bungendore Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards.
2004: February 2004 saw Coad Sisters unique version of the classic bush ballad ‘Camooweal’ from the ‘Home Again’ album take home the prestigious Group/Duo Award at the Bungendore Stan Coster Memorial Awards.
2005: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters - 'The Road We Travel'. (Released April 2005) Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2006: Tracks achieved Finalist spots in the New Zealand/Tasmanian Songwriters Awards 2006, Bungendore Awards 2006 and the Bush Ballad section of the Victorian Awards 2006.
2013: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters – ‘The Road Of Song’. Recorded and produced by V & L Coad. Released March 2013. Winner of ‘Album Of The Year’ at the Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards. Winner of Bungendore Awards 2014 – ‘Album Of The Year’
2013: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters - '25 Years Revisited' - Released 29th of July 2013.
Containing a selection of tracks from album and singles, mostly not available any more.
2015: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters released a combined album 'Banjo & Henry' December 2015 featuring the songs and poems of Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson.
2016: Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters recorded a live DVD recorded at Enrec Studios in 2015 and it was released in 2016. The DVD included all their own material.


Genre: Classic Rock n Roll

(Band members: Jim Hermel, Virginia (Hermel) & Lynette Coad)

Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix performances include:
The Canberra Multi - Cultural Festival (Route 66 American Experience) (2014 & 2015), the prestigious Birdwood Rock‘n’roll Rendezvous SA, the Adelaide Fringe Festival SA, Ulysses Events, Twin Towns along with general Rock‘n’Roll dance shows.

Albums released.
2009: Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix – ‘Keep a-rockin'’. Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2013: Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix – ‘Let The Good times Roll’. Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2016: Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix – ‘Honkytonk, Boogie, & Blues’. Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.

2020: Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix become the Jim Hermel Band.


Genre: Classic Rock/Blues

(Performed between approx. 2005-2010)

Formed by Virginia & Lynette the trio act included various drummers (depending on interstate/travel).
Indigo Junction soon became a very sort-after and respected pub rock band that helped fill in between Virginia and Lynette's other band bookings.
Indigo Junction released one CD ‘Devil's Train’. Recorded and produced by V & L Coad, for Indigo Junction the album featured 80% original material. Popular original songs were ‘Lonely Tears’ and the dynamic rock/blues track ‘The Way I Am’.


RUNAWAY DIXIE (formed in 2009 - to current)
Genre: Bluegrass/Country.
(Band members: Jim Hermel, Virginia (Hermel) & Lynette Coad

Albums: Awarded/Finalist tracks included.

2009: Runaway Dixie - Golden Mile. - Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2010: ‘Golden Mile’ (J. & V. Hermel) – ‘Golden Mile’ - Winner – TSA Gospel Song Of The Year - 2010
2013: Runaway Dixie – ‘Breakdown’ – Released August 2013. - Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2015: Runaway Dixie – ‘Bayou Queen’ – Released January 2015. - Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2016: Awarded/Finalist tracks – ‘Lonesome And Blue’ (V. Hermel) (2016 Golden Guitar Finalist) (TSA Finalist), ‘Reach Out Your Hand’ (V. Hermel) (TSA Semi- Finalist), ‘Jesus Is A Workin’ Man’ (J.& V. Hermel) (TSA Semi- Finalist), ‘Golden Bridge’ (V. Hermel) (2016 TSA Gospel Song Of The Year Winner)
2016: Runaway Dixie – ‘Poor Man's Gold’ released November 2016. - Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2017: Awarded/Finalist tracks: - ‘Roundabout’ (Instrumental) (V. Hermel) (2017 Golden Guitar Finalist - 'Instrumental Of The Year')
2018: Awarded/Finalist tracks: - ‘Southbound Train’ (V. Hermel) (2018 Golden Guitar Finalist track - 'Bluegrass Recording Of The Year')
2018: Runaway Dixie – ‘Face The Wind’ released December 2018 - Recorded and produced by V & L Coad.
2019: ‘Tele Rambler’ (V. Hermel) (Instrumental) - 2019 Golden Guitar Awards Of Australia Finalist)
‘Red Flowers’ (V. Hermel) - 2020 TSA Awards Winner - Traditional Country Song Of The Year, ‘Walk Beside Me’ (V. Hermel) - 2020 TSA Awards - Semi – Finalist, ‘Meant To Be, (V. Hermel) - 2020 TSA Awards - Semi – Finalist, ‘What I Did’ (V. Hermel) - 2020 TSA Awards Winner - Bluegrass Song Of The Year'.
2021: 6th album - Runaway Dixie – ‘Ticket To Mars’ - released May 2021.
Recorded and produced by L & V Coad for Runaway Dixie.




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